Solar Fire's Graphic Ephemeris

Solar Fire Gold has one of the most comprehensive, flexible, and easiest to use graphic ephemeride.

You can save as many configurations as you like

Set the starting date and range in Days, Months, or Years

Choose the location with auto-atlas lookup and automatic time zone corrections

Choose from Transits,

Choose from a variety of Progressions:

or Directions (or Profections):

in Three different coordinate systems:

And select planets and extra points -- from a very wide range of extra points (and create different sets of extra points):

Including Midpoints, Fixed Stars, Asteroids, and Extra Bodies [NOT including Arabic Parts, however.]

And select from a variety of moduli (aka harmonics):

And apply precession correction and or converse and multiples of arcs:

You can also show lines for natal planets (and other points), indicate aspects formed to natal planets, include sign labels, show lunations, and have gridlines for degrees and/or dates, as well as back shading.

And it's simple to move the displayed graphic ephemeris forward or backwards in time at the push of a button.

Here's a sample of the output:

Solar Fire Gold's Graphic Ephemeris is incredibly easy to use, amazingly powerful, and a wonderful tool for all astrologers who use graphic ephemeride.

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