Solar Fire Screenshots

You can view my Solar Fire video and written tutorials for examples of how Solar Fire works, but I thought it would be useful to add a set of screenshots too, with commentary.

[I will be adding additional screenshots in the future to this page.]

1. Solar Fire's legendary Time Map.

As I mention in my YouTube video, Solar Fire's Time Map is the best depiction of predictive events of any software. You can see the overlap of transits, progressions, directions, eclipses, ingresses by sign and house, stations, Void of Course Moon, and Parallels, with or without Entering and Leaving Dates shown, for any time period from one day to hundreds of years.


2. Solar Fire's Eclipse Search.

Amazingly versatile, Solar Fire's Eclipse Search is allows searching for only Solar or Lunar Eclipses or both, for any range of dates, and any Saros numbers, and narrow the search to ones with aspects to a fixed point, or to a specific chart (easily specifying the aspect set and planets to include). Bravo!

The eclipse search results (shown in the upper right corner) are extensive and include what aspects the eclipse makes to the natal chart. And at the push of the Charts button, you can view any eclipse chart wheel on the main screen.


3. Solar Fire's Ephemeris Generator.

This amazingly powerful ephemeris generator module lets you specify everything from the date range, to the time increment, time zone, Zodiac, coordinate system, points to list, extra points, precision, notation, day of the week, and longitude, latitude, Right Ascension, Declination, and Daily Motion.

You can even export the output to an ASCII or Excel file, as well as print it. A remarkably outstanding ephemeris module.


4. Solar Fire's Chart Animation.

When I first created a page like the one above, using Solar Fire's incredible Page Designer, I could not believe that it would actually work in Solar Fire's Animate Page.

That's because the page has four biwheels, transits around a natal chart, Secondary Progressed around a natal chart, Solar Arc Directed around a natal chart, and finally Annual Profections around a natal chart. The idea that Solar Fire could move different sets of planets (e.g. outer planets for transits, inner planets for Secondary Progressed, etc.) at their own rates for each prediction method was mind-boggling.

But of course, Solar Fire animated this page without a hitch. There is no other astrology program in the world that has this level of programming expertise. Unbelivably excellent!

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