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Solar Fire: The Best Designed Astrology Program

Back when MicroSoft first released Windows, I was eager to see what astrology programs would make the best use of the new graphics, mouse, and program design.

Enter Solar Fire. Designed from the ground up to take advantage of all of Windows features, it quickly gained popularity and became the foremost astrology program in the world.

Each update has only increased its capabilities, and I hope you enjoy learning about Solar Fire.
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Why Solar Fire?

I am often asked by professional astrologers which software I would recommend to them. While, in fact, different programs will meet the needs of specific astrologers, which is why I enjoy guiding them to the right programs, Solar Fire is so well designed and has so many features that -- unless astrologers are looking for in-depth interpretations in their software -- Solar Fire is very often the best choice.

What makes the design so great? Besides the incredible ease-of-use in Solar Fire (which comes from its conforming to the protocol specified by the Windows User Interface guidelines better than any other astrology program), the authors of Solar Fire -- who are professional astrologers themselves -- carefully crafted each of its modules so that they offered the most options, could be easily customized, and also were visually appealing.

Power, simplicity, and beauty are very compelling qualities in an astrology program!

But beyond these values is Solar Fire's range of features. With each new version, Solar Fire has remained approachable while adding additional incredibly useful functions.

I invite you to explore the rest of this website to see exactly what makes Solar Fire such an incredible piece of astrology software.


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