My Solar Fire Video Tutorials on YouTube

by Hank Friedman

Creating video tutorials for Solar Fire has been a labor of love for me. I want to empower Solar Fire users to be able to employ all of Solar Fire's outstanding features, and so I continue to create instructional videos focusing on each Solar Fire's various functions.

The following are the video tutorials I've posted on YouTube thus far. I will be posting more as time permits.

An Introduction to Solar Fire Gold

I have been asked to create a video to help those just getting started with Solar Fire Gold. I enjoyed making this video and hope it will indeed introduce you well to this great program.


Chart Animation in Solar Fire Gold

The chart animation features in Solar Fire Gold are unparalleled, truly the best of any astrology program by far. Here's a video tutorial showing some of the great capabilities of Solar Fire Gold's chart animation.


Time Maps in Solar Fire

I really love time graphs that show both when transits, progressions, stations, and other predictive events will occur and how they will overlap each other. Solar Fire has the best transit graph of all, so please watch this video so that you can learn to use this incredible feature of Solar Fire.


Solar Fire Gold's Page Designer -- Part One

The page designer in Solar Fire Gold is truly awesome. It has more tables, graphs, and chart selections and greater ease of use than any other Western astrology program.

Look at my video to see how I use it to design a new page.


Solar Fire Gold's Page Designer -- Part Two

Here is the second installment of my tutorial on Solar Fire Gold's great page designer. I hope that you enjoy it.


Extra Point Wheels in Solar Fire

One of the many great features in Solar Fire Gold is the ability to add extra points, or sets of points, of your own choosing to chart wheels. You can choose from a huge selection of points, including midpoints, Fixed Stars, Arabic Parts, asteroids and other bodies, and more.

Click on the link above to watch my video tutorial on using this great feature.


Please purchase Solar Fire software through me here, as it will enable me to take the time to create more video tutorials. I offer the best price and great extra perks.

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